10 Top Tips to Keeping Your Dog Safe & Happy This Xmas

10 Top Tips to Keeping Your Dog Safe & Happy This Xmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year but its also the time of year when we relax our rules a little bit more - especially after a glass or two of something festive

So here's our top 10 tips for getting through xmas with your dog safe and happy

  • Make sure your dog has a quiet space away from all of the festivities and chaos that they can retreat to when needed
  • Stick to your normal schedule of walks and feeding time as much as possible
  • Be very vigilant about what foods are toxic to dogs - Xmas time sees a massive increase in currants, sultanas and foods containing xylitol
  • Supervise all interactions with visitors especially children to ensure they are kept safe and your dog isn't put in harms way
  • There are lots of additional hazards at this time of year from wires to batteries, wrapping paper, staples, human food, pine needles etc - we suggest either keeping your dog away from the opening of presents or being extra careful of any small toys or parts from packaging
  • Don't leave your dog unattended with your tree & presents - maybe Auntie Mabel forgot to tell you she had wrapped a selection box for the kids
  • Kep xmas plants out of reach or avoid all together - poinsettia's and ivy can cause irritation and contact dermatitis and mistletoe is poisonous
  • The bang in crackers can frighten any dog but especially those who are already scared of fireworks
  • Monitor your dog for any signs of stress and anxiety - make sure you know what the signs are well in advance
  • Keep them busy with a selection of chews, toys, lick and snuffle mats - giving your dog choice enables them to relax for a longer period of time

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