We are Team Woof

Hi I'm Natalie and I love dogs, all dogs but especially dogs who love to wriggle!  I've had dogs since a young age so owning a store where I can spend all day with dogs is just the best thing ever!
Rob is relatively new to dog ownership but now can't imagine never having a dog in his life.  Rob is our social media expert, marketing and advertising chief and organises all our events.  He loves a good cup of coffee and a chat and he always has dog biscuits in his pockets
Woof truly is a family business and we expect Toby to take over in the future.  He loves dogs especially pugs and you will see him in store at weekends and during school holidays
Head of Security is our big (little) lad, Buster, likes to be in charge; always on the hunt for food and is very chatty.  He lets us know when anyone approaches so expect a very noisy welcome when he's in store!  
Head of Cuddles is Missy.  A rescue; she came to us 5 years ago and she is adored by everyone she meets.  She's a giddy little kipper and loves a good wriggle.  She may be blind in one eye and have half her teeth missing but she more than makes up for it with love and cuddles!

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