Enrichment - How it can help you

Enrichment - How it can help you

Enrichment is simply providing activities or environments that enable your dog to explore and use their natural instincts.  This means licking and sniffing or foraging

Enrichment activities promote physical, mental and emotional well being for your dog.  It can prevent boredom, build confidence, teach skills such as problem solving, searching and more

It’s an ideal way to manage their energy, help them to learn good habits and encourages calm behaviour

STRESS - enrichment has been proven to release endorphins in your dog and help them feel less stressed

DISTRACTION - if your dog likes to get up to mischief, enrichment is a great way to distract or redirect the behaviour and encourage something positive

PUPPIES - enrichment activities are great for creating positive associations with their crate, helps tire them when they can't go out, keeps them calm and more importantly distracts them from chewing your furniture

TIRING - it's fun and tiring.  Just 10 minutes can make a huge difference and feel like a 30 minute walk

STIMULATION - its the perfect way to engage your dogs brain and provide them with both mental and physical stimulation

Enrichment activities should provide stimulation for your dogs senses.  For example something that stimulates their sight / hearing, taste, touch or smell

Enrichment activities include:

A sniffy walk not walking for exercise - the pace is led by your dog

Walking in new environments

Watching the world go by at a window

Listening to classical radio


Snuffle mats / balls

Interactive toys that can be 'stuffed', rotate or introduce new toys

Brain puzzles that are food based

Training exercises, new tricks or agility

DIY puzzles, the list goes on

It's important to choose activities suitable to your dogs needs, puppies and senior dogs will need different enrichment to adult, active dogs

When first starting out on your enrichment journey, try a selection of different types of enrichment and find the type which your dog finds the most fun & stimulating & then rotate these to keep their interest


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