Selling your house when you have a dog

Selling your house when you have a dog

Selling your house means lots of new visitors.  Estate agents, surveyors, removals teams, people coming for house viewings the list goes on.

So how do we keep our dogs happy during what will be an unsettling period of time?

Fortunately, most if not all of your house related visitors will be by arrangement so you can prepare in advance.

If your dog doesn't cope well with people coming to the house, then consider working with a dog trainer to specifically put a plan in place so your dog is happy and comfortable. 

If your dog is crate trained, then ensure you use this whenever you have visitors.  

If your dog is not crate trained can they be moved safely to another room whilst the visitors are in your home?

Alternatively, can you engage a dog walker to ensure your dog is away from the home at certain times?

If your dog is to remain in the home whilst visitors are there then preparation is key.

Having access to plenty of enrichment toys will help distract and calm your dog.  Enrichment can be items such as lick mats, interactive treat dispensers, snuffle mats or balls, other toys  and chews that they can eat safely; ostrich feet as a great choice as they don't splinter.  

Give your dog more than one toy or chew to distract them.  When you give your dog choice, they are in control of how they feel at any given time.  If they are feeling stressed or have separation anxiety they may gravitate towards a lick mat, if they need occupying then a treat dispenser may be the toy they prefer.  Enabling your dog to choose from a variety of options will meet their needs but also keep them entertained for longer.

Other things to consider:  you may want to conceal any evidence of a family pet including hiding beds, bowls, toys etc.  Ensuring your home smells clean and fresh and doesn't smell of dog. You may want to repair any damage to your property that has been caused by your dog, including stains on carpets and remove any pet hair.

Dogs are great at picking up on humans emotions.  It could be useful to find out in advance if anyone is not confident around dogs or has an allergy and then make arrangements for the dog to be out of the house when they are due to visit.

 For more help and guidance or for enrichment products please pop into Woof 460 Roundhay Road LS8 2HU

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