How to Puppy Proof your Home

How to Puppy Proof your Home

Much in the same way that you would child proof your home when having a baby; you need to puppy proof your home to ensure it stays a safe environment for your new addition

Naturally puppies love to explore and they are curious about everything. Don’t underestimate how smart they are either

Things to consider and prepare:


There are lots of indoor / outdoor plants and flowers that are toxic to dogs including but not limited to lupins, lilies, aloe vera, cyclamen and more. Check your garden to ensure that any toxic plants are removed, house plants lifted out of reach and flowers are removed before petals start to droop. For more information click here

Garden and driveways

As soon as you know your puppy is joining you complete a thorough check of your garden, gates and driveway to ensure it is secure. Check for gaps and any areas where your puppy could dig under or climb over to escape

Electrical Wires

Where possible keep wires out of the way. Puppy teeth are extremely sharp and wires often look like fun


Your puppy will love to chew and they don’t discriminate between cheap items or sentimental objects so while they are going through the chewing phase, remove or put away any favourite furniture or home accessories just in case


Its very likely that you will have decided where your puppy will sleep. Before bringing your puppy home check that the location works for you. Ensure that you can contain your puppy if needed; that the area is secure and can be easily cleaned. You should also consider if the location may cause any issues such as being in the middle of a busy part of the house or if it is close to a door which could cause draughts or a means of escape

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