Puppy Essentials - Preparing for your new puppy

Puppy Essentials - Preparing for your new puppy

It’s incredibly exciting bringing a new puppy home but it can be very overwhelming too with lots to think about. Here’s a quick checklist containing some of the things that will help your puppy settle quickly into your home


Choose one that’s easy to wash and has plenty of growing room. Soft and comfy; a safe space. Some dogs prefer snuggle beds which have raised sides, or donut shaped so they can burrow. Others prefer duvet style mattresses or a firmer bed - we have something for everyone in store

Puppy pads

These absorbent pads are great for catching any accidents whilst training your pup to toilet outside


Think about your dog as an adult; will they have enough room to stand up, turn around, lie down and stretch out in their crate

Food and water bowls

Small bowls are a great choice when puppies are young but these may need to be swapped out for a bigger size as your pup grows. Puppy food to support growth & behaviour

Initially, this should be the same food that your breeder has been feeding your puppy. Once your puppy has settled, you can change their food but you must do so slowly to avoid any issues. Consider your lifestyle and budget as well as nutrition and behaviour when looking at food. We have several options available including air dried raw that can be fed from 8 weeks for the whole of your dogs life


It is essential to buy toys that are the right size for your puppy. Having a variety of different toys in different textures will ensure your pup doesn’t become bored too easily. and chew either your furniture or clothing! Mix up treat dispensers, puzzle toys and lickimats with soft toys for interest, variety and stimulation. We have lots of durable toys in store and are constantly searching for new tough ones so feel free to share your favouites


These will save your hands and your belongings from razor sharp puppy teeth. Have a variety of natural chews and rubber toys for your puppy to interact with

Collar and lead

Lightweight fabric collars are a great option for puppies. They are softer than leather and can be adjusted as your puppy grows. The collar must be snug but not too tight or too loose, if you can get a finger under it that is about right. While training your puppy we would recommend a fixed lead and a training line. Fixed leads allow you to have control over your pup particularly while they are new to the world and unaware of the many dangers. Training lines are leads that are 5 metres or more long and allow your puppy freedom but in a controlled way. These are perfect for recall training

Remember your ID tag for your collar; not only is it a legal requirement it helps your pup be returned to you if they go missing


A Y shaped harness made from a soft material that fits well and is comfortable is recommended to protect your puppies neck while they are learning to walk nicely on the lead

Cleaning supplies

Buy non-hazardous cleaning materials that don't have a strong scent to avoid your puppy associating the smell with toilet accidents. Lots of brands offer plant based products or state those which are safe around animals

Depending on your puppy's coat type, you may need a brush and / or a comb, shampoo or detangling spray. Consider if you wish to clip your dogs nails or if someone else such as a vet or groomer will do this for you.  Choose a toothbrush and toothpaste suited to your puppy’s size. The quicker you can get them used to having their teeth cleaned the better (and cheaper) it will be in the long run
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