Recovery Collar - Comfy

The comfy recovery collar allows easy fitting,  with clear vision panels, your dog can have front and peripheral side vision

Designed to make the recovery process of your dog as comfortable as possible; each collar has loops to attach it to a collar if desired, and adjustable fastening strips for a precise and comfy fit

The clear side vision panels help your dog feel less isolated and therefore, less stressed whilst wearing it and the flexible material aids a more comfortable nights sleep

Available in two sizes

Large: Fits collar size:  36 - 45 cm (14 - 17.75 inches) Cone Length: 25 cm

Medium: Fits collar size:  24 - 30 cm (9.5 - 14 inches) Cone Length: 20.5 cm

Hire Terms:

Refundable deposit £5.00

Weekly Hire £3.00

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