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Anco Roots

Anco Roots

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 Anco Roots are a fun natural dog chew toy made of tree roots from an eco-sustainable source. They are hand harvested in protected areas to ensure there is no damage to the roots or forests. It is only the tuber of the root which is harvested as it will then sprout again. The ecological impact is kept to a minimum as they are limited to harvesting a responsible number each year. Your dogs will keep their natural desire to chew occupied with this treat and it might help reduce the risk of damage to furniture and personal belongings!

 Additional Information

  • 100% natural (untreated).
  • Will not splinter like ordinary sticks.
  • Durable and long lasting. Do not leave with your dog for long unsupervised periods and monitor teeth to ensure no risk of damage.
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes - including puppies. (Make sure that the size of the root fits the size and the jaw strength of your dog.)
  • Nutritional analysis: Protein 1.18%, fat 0.11%, humidity 22.51%, ash 1.06%.
  • Weight guide approximately: Extra Small 95-140g, Small 180-250g, Medium 360-445g, Large 630-690g, Extra Large 855g. (Size and weight may vary.)

Please remember fresh drinking water should always be available and we strongly recommend that all dogs are supervised with any treat.  Remove any small pieces which could cause choking.

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