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Boil & Broth Bone Broth Powder

Boil & Broth Bone Broth Powder

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UK’s Number 1 dehydrated bone broth

Broth is a natural food supplement that can support digestive health, immunity, joints and ligaments, skin, coat, and hair. It is made through the process of boiling bones in water with a little apple cider vinegar for nutrient extraction. Broth contains natural proteins including collagen.

The benefits of our broth for dogs:

  • We never add any fillers, bulking agents, or nasties to our broths.
  • Ingredients are ethically sourced human-grade animal bones from British Farmers.
  • We are the only broth manufacturer in the UK to hold a dual license to develop and make broth for humans and dogs.
  • Our broths are easy to use. Simply add boiling hot water and stir.
  • Our dehydrated broths can store in the cupboard or on the shelf for up to 2 years.
  • Rehydrate back to a collagen jelly.

Size: 50g (can rehydrate back to 1 litre of liquid broth) equivalent to 30 servings for a small dog

Can be rehydrated into liquid, jelly or sprinkled dry over food as a topper


Suitable for dogs fed all diets and all life stages 

Product Ingredients - Beef

British grass-fed cow bones, water, apple cider vinegar (processing ingredient only) – dehydrated.

Product Ingredients - Venison

British wild deer bones, water, apple cider vinegar (processing ingredient only) – dehydrated.

Analytical Constituents per 5g scoop:

  • Moisture content 0.3%
  • Protein: 4.79g
  • Collagen: 2.41g
  • Crude fats: <0.5g
  • Crude fibre: <0.5g
  • Crude ash: 0.2g

Allergy information:

There are no allergy ingredients used when making our broths. However, some dogs can have intolerances to certain proteins. We offer a range of novelty proteins to support sensitive tummies.

Our bone broth is 100% natural, supports your dog’s digestive system, is great for their joints and ligaments, and supports their immune system too. 

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