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Boil & Broth Water Kefir 330ml

Boil & Broth Water Kefir 330ml

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A delicious natural probiotic drink to support your dog’s gut flora.

  • Suitable for dogs fed all diets.
  • Suitable for dogs of all life stages.

Our water kefir juice for dogs is 100% natural, supports your dog’s digestive system, is great for their gut flora, and supports their immune system too. 

Our water kefir juice for dogs is a best seller and offers a range of amazing health benefits for dogs. Each can is made from recyclable aluminium meaning once you remove the label you can recycle your can at home.

Made using 100% natural ingredients, our water kefir juice for dogs is naturally sparkling. This is because the friendly bacteria feed off the sugars, breaking sugar down into natural CO2, and increasing the number of bacteria in the drink. This means there is NO sugar left in the final product.

We do not add any nasties to our water kefir juice. Our water kefir juice for dogs are 100% natural, vegan-friendly, sugar-free and have been delicately made in our factory in North Dorset, UK. We only ever use human-grade British ingredients and grow our own kefir grains.

Product Ingredients
Water, water kefir grains, sugar (for fermenting only), dried fruit

Analytical Constituents per 100ml:

98 million Lactobacillus found in 1ml*
Calories - 5kcals
Carbs - 1.1 (0.5g of which are sugars)
Fat - < 0.5g Protein <0.1g

Allergy information:
There are no allergy ingredients used when making our water kefir juice.

50 - 100ml daily. Add to water, drink on its own or pour over meals. Do not heat, as heat kills off the probiotics.

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