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Pawsome Suits 2 Leg Fleece Dog Suith

Pawsome Suits 2 Leg Fleece Dog Suith

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These lightweight 2 leg dog fleeces are made from 100% polyester polar fleece, keeping your dog warm and being water resistant, completely dry underneath the fleece. The fleece is breathable and allows any water to quickly wick away from your dog's coat.

There are no fastenings on the fleece and the area between the back legs is open so that the fleece doesn't interfere with toileting. However, fit should always be checked on the underside of the suit, particularly for a boy dog to accommodate their toileting.

**Please note that this suit should not be used on hot weather days**


  • 2 Leg Water Resistant Dog Fleece
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Suits general dog breeds
  • Machine washable on a cool wash
  • Designed for a snug fit


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