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Anco Naturals Giant Buffalo Collagen Braid

Anco Naturals Giant Buffalo Collagen Braid

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A Giant Braid that's naturally high in protein and low in fat? What more could your dog wish for! Especially if they already know and love our smaller braids - Giant braids offer a longer lasting option. These Giant Buffalo Collagen Braids are naturally high in high quality protein which essential to have in your dog's diet, and also being nice and healthy with a super low fat content! Suitable for dogs on a low fat diet or with pancreatitis. Buffalo Collagen contributes to joint health, promotes flexibility and also aids in maintaining skin elasticity and a healthy coat - enhancing external well-being. Allow your dog to absorb all delicious natural flavours and benefits of Buffalo Collagen while staying entertained and cleaning their teeth at the same time! Chewing down on the treat helps the removal of tartar and plaque from the teeth. Approximately 40-50cm

Ingredients 100% Buffalo Collagen

Analysis. 89% Protein, 0.86% Fat, 5.4% Ash

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