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Bamboodles Fish Chew Toy

Bamboodles Fish Chew Toy

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 Bamboodles Fish with real salmon scent infusion, is created especially for Puppies and NON AGGRESSIVE CHEWING DOGS.

The fun new Fish comes in two sizes - Small and Medium, and is produced the same as the original best selling T-Bone Bamboo infusion. However this new, special blend is softer, so if perfect for puppies and non aggressive chewing dogs. 

These fun alternative designs are infused with a real fish scent throughout keeping your dogs interested and occupied. 

  • A satisfying dog chew toy, its long lasting to keep dogs entertained for hours 
  • The bamboo infusion makes the product flake away rather than shard and break. So no sharp edges!
  • Easy to grip shape, can be held by dogs while they chew
  • Helps with control of plaque and tartar build up
Sizes available - Medium for dogs up to 30kg
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