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Separation Anxiety Helper

Separation Anxiety Helper

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Separation Anxiety is tough so our Separation Anxiety Helper contains carefully selected items to help keep your dog calm and happy during periods of absence

Included is a mini tuff Lickimat which is proven to entertain, distract, reduce boredom and reduce stress and anxiety; a 200g tube of JR Pet Products pate (for your lickimat and stuffable toys); a cuddly toy to provide comfort, warmth and soothing; DogKind Calming Spray to help de-stress and a moose dog chew (odourless & only 2% fat) to allow your dog to calm themselves through self soothing 

The Separation Anxiety Helper when bought as this offer is a saving of 10%

Please let us know at checkout if your dog has any dietary preferences

Suitable for puppies from 6+weeks

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